Betelgeuse was my first animation film created with Adobe After Effects. It was as much an exploration of the software as it was in designing and storyboarding for a short. It’s based on my interest in the mythology surrounding the Orion constellation, and specifically Orion’s shoulder - the star Betelgeuse. In many cultures’ mythology, the Orion constellation was associated with the after life. Betelgeuse was sometimes referred to as the “Gateway to the Afterlife” - I found that very interesting as it’s a (dying) red giant. 


The story follows a soul on it’s journey through the afterlife and in the search of this gateway, Betelgeuse. The character was loosely inspired by a desktop game called Limbo, which similarly followed a deceased protagonist in the afterlife. Aside from that, I had a very clear idea of the film’s aesthetic and designed a surreal environment with many of the same tools I use in my multi-media practice. Credit to Stranger Things for most of the synthesizer soundtrack.