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Going a little deeper exploring 360 video, I wanted to make an immersive dreamscape based on an experience that stuck with me over the years. To bring in some effects I needed for the transitions I combined a few After Effects compositions in made with found footage and Ricoh Theta videos I took. At first I used Mettle SkyBox to design the scene for 360, but later chose to work on a canvas with a ratio that would wrap to a 360 video.

I brought the After Effects scenes and a score made in Reaper into Premiere to edit and add basic video transitions (and color corrections). If interested, in the dream that inspired this, a stuffed animal elephant guided me to a blank, endless void with a floating bar of light over a platform. The glowing light represented all of time and space, from all branches of our universe condensed into a single point. It was essentially a visual representation of a singularity.