I originally developed Golden Spiral as a 3-minute immersive 360 video experience where users move through a 3D javascript environment (I modified the sketch to show one perspective for clarity on a web browser). The project was the culmination of a mild obsession with recreating natural forms in javascript. I started with fractal algorithms and L-trees and went down a rabbit-hole of using WEBGL to represent fractals in three dimensions.


Eventually I found natural forms and patterns using the sine function with a particle system of 3D objects. In this sketch, hundreds of particles are being pushed into this space as the origin point changes with respect to a sine function. The resulting spiral reflects the stage of the sine wave and constantly changes its alignment to produce moments of natural forms. 

"Z rotation spirals" developed as a detour from the Golden Spiral project - building off of the same particle system of objects that created new objects with respect to a sine function. I automated that rotation to go from its minimum to it’s maximum angle indefinitely.